Blessing in disguise...

I am not a blogger, do not pretend to be a blogger, but I do like to reflect on life a lot; where I have been, where I am, and where am I heading. Recently my website was hacked and compromised to a point beyond repair. I am blessed that 99.9% of my business comes from taking care of my customers, so referrals are plentiful. I do need a website to "legitimize" my business but it is not mission critical. I still can't figure out how a fax machine works, re-creating a website seemed daunting. 

God, puts amazing people in my life just at the right time. Enter Griffin Jaworski. Griffin recently relocated to Des Moines from Florida/Auburn. I was introduced to Griffin from another friend Jeff Bratz. Griffin took on the task of designing a website for me. My old site was "tired", hard to update, so it didn't get much attention. My instructions to Griffin were, "keep it simple". In a couple short weeks... introducing 

My goal is to keep the site updated weekly with new topics, recipes, thoughts...things I think about daily.

To the person who hacked my site, THANK YOU!