Health and Happiness.

Working in the Health & Wellness profession, I would consider myself a healthy person. My physical daily routine consists of movement and exercise (on average 20,000 steps per day), eating balanced PFC (protein, fat, carb) meals, receiving annual physical exams, and getting at least eight hours of sleep each night. Mentally, I have little stress in my life; I find quiet time to read everyday, and I keep even-keeled with my emotions. Socially, I am involved in a long-standing marriage with three wonderful children, I am blessed to be a part of several small groups where I can express my faith, and I have four awesome friends that I trust will always watch my back. Overall health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. I believe that when comparing my overall health to the definition of health by the World Health Organization the two are congruent.

I am not blind to my deficiencies. Compartmentalizing my life is easy for me. On the nutrition side, I have high LDL cholesterol level. I love cookies, eggs, buffalo wings, ice cream and IPA beer. I am like a Labrador Retriever; if someone puts a large amount of any the above in front of me, I know no moderation and I will eat as much as I can. Mentally, I can be short-tempered and extremely judgemental to the people I love most: my family. I express dissatisfaction easily. I hold high standards for my family when it comes to utilizing their gifts and talents. Physically, I can be all-in or all-out when it comes to certain activities. I love to bike, but right now I do not have enough biking fitness to keep up with my extremely fit biking friends--so I choose not to ride at all. I will encourage my friends to do the activities that I can do well in but tend not to subject myself to activities that I will lag. I am certain there are more, but these are the things that readily come to mind.

Going forward, I know I am doing several things that will increase my health and my overall well-being. I will continue to exercise daily, annual physical exams to monitor cholesterol, eat balanced meals, rest well, continue to read, and spend time with friends and family. In January I started working on a Masters in Education with an emphasis on Positive Coaching. As a result of this new work, I feel like I am being re-created and re-energized to try new things. I am practicing breathing meditation nearly every day. My daily reading time has expanded to reading journals, books, and other articles I would not have touched two months ago. I am engaging my family and friends with several topics discussed in each week’s lesson. On top of what is required in this class, I have started to write again after a thirty-two year hiatus. Each week, I write and share to over 300 people, a newsletter ( focusing on happiness/well-being, nutrition, and physical activity. In addition to the newsletter I post various topics to my website blog ( I am eager to learn again, which keeps me excited to view each day as an opportunity to share my strengths of positivity, maximizer, WOO, connectedness, and belief with others.