Functional Strength Training

At Ironworks we believe that Functional Strength Training is as critical to peak performance as it is daily activity. By focusing on a balanced approach and working on key areas like - mobility, hip strength, posterior-chain activation, etc. - we give you the tools to be the best version of yourself on and off the field.

Check out our different options below, or send us a message if you have questions. 


Want to work out as a team?                                      

We work with a variety of local teams in practically every sport!

Working out as a team provides a great way to make sure everyone is working hard and also working smart by increasing sport-specific athletic ability as well as injury prevention. 


Middle School Boys and Girls

From baseball and basketball to triathlon, we work with all types and abilities. By building endurance, flexibility, and core strength, we help this group become all around better athletes.


High School Girls

Calling all high school girls....Want to get in great shape before Spring Break or Summer Break? Want to attend classes with only high school girls? Classes taught only by high school girls? Get a great looking core, butt, hips, arms..and more flexible? How about getting some healthy snack recipes? "Butts 4 Break" is all that plus more! Classes start Thursday, February 23rd.Tuesday and Thursday morning from 6-7am and Saturday 10:30-11:30am. Each class will be uniquely different, taught by local high school girls, incorporate movements to get you fit, great music, and FUN. 


We work with a variety of different adults that range from weekend warriors to Ironman Kona Qualifiers. There is almost always a group training for something! Contact us if you might be interested in getting a group together or joining an existing group!