Be the best version of you.

There is no doubt there are amazing benefits of a individualized approach to training. By developing a professional relationship with one of our amazing coaches, they will be able to help you break through barriers by providing specific instruction. Your focus may be improving your general health, or tackling an Ironman...we can help you reach your goal! Regardless of your "sport", we focus on Functional Strength Training, which enables us to build all around athletes in any sports at any level. If you're interested, drop us a message in the contact section so we can chat about how we can help you hit your goals!



Loran Storts
Kathy Schweizer
Alex Broadus Kelly Steer

Other Options
We try to accommodate everyone we possibly can, so if you want to train with your significant other, or a few close friends just let us know! 




"Fabulous, positive atmosphere. High energy and fun for all!"

— Julie G.

"Loran is the best! So much training knowledge and a great athlete himself. Highly recommend him!!!"

— Sandra W.

"Amazing! Want to work hard?! Do it here!! #noexcuses"

— Lindsey O.