Forging Iron Triathlon Team

Membership Benefits include:

  • Group Training Sessions

    Training is better in a group, no doubt about it. Groups make it easier to work hard, hold you more accountable, and help cultivate connection within your community. We will have weekly group sessions ranging from long indoor/outdoor rides, track workouts, long runs, strength & mobility, and open water swims!

  • Access to our Private Facebook Group / Groupme

    This is where we will coordinate group training sessions (as mentioned above) as well as provide a forum for people to ask a few questions to our seasoned veterans.

  • Added SAG (Support And Gear)

    We’ve all been there: arriving at a group ride only to realize you’ve forgotten your water bottle, nutrition, helmet, spare tubes, CO2, etc. Our goal is to help alleviate some of these issues by having extras in case of these (minor) emergencies. We will even have chocolate milk, a simple but effective recovery option, available after some workouts!

  • Education Series

    Training doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it happens within the context of your life! Throughout training, we will bring experiences and insights from various experts like nutritionists, physical therapists, bike mechanics, and more. While our coaches and seasoned athletes hold a wealth of knowledge, we are also “students of the sport” and strive to continue learning as well.

  • Free Basic Training Plan

    Training for an Iron-distance race might seem overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. As a Forging Iron Triathlon team member, you’ll have the option to get access to a basic plan spanning from January to June to help get you from start to finish. *It’s important to note that a training plan can be a useful guide, but it’s not intended to be the same as individualized coaching. However, we also know that being new to this can mean a lot of new expenses, so this is a great option for those getting their feet wet. If life happens to throw some unexpected curve balls and you need a more personal touch, our coaches will gladly meet with you to discuss coaching options!

  • Team Discounts and Deals

    Our goal is to provide discounts and deals with our team sponsors. The beauty of a local triathlon team is that it can also help support local businesses, a win-win across the board!

  • Team Events

    Lastly, but certainly not least, throughout the year we will host team events. It takes a village to complete a triathlon, but we have to be the ones to build that village. We want to bring the ones that support us into the fold by having group gatherings outside of training. Our first event will be a Pizza Party in early November as we kick-off official training! Look for more details on social media!

Cost: $200/Season (November’19-July’20)

Not included but still fun and worth mentioning:

  • Forging Iron Triathlon Team racing kit

    This awesome group of triathletes deserves a kick-ass racing kit. We are designing one that will replicate and even improve upon the amount of compliments our previous racing kit received in 2017. We will let you know as soon as the team store is available!

  • Individual Coaching

    Having a coach can help you avoid many of the common roadblocks and frustrations and instill confidence and consistency in your training program!

  • Personal Training

    Group workouts can help you motivate and improve, but it can also help to have a specific instruction and individual attention.